Art Portfolio

Just a portion of work from 2015 to present.

I'll be adding to this with time. You may click each image for a larger image.

Digital Portfolio

Digital scrapbook paper sets; journal card sets; gift tags; feline fashions, and jewelry pieces.

We have a large selection of digital papers for a wide variety of projects, and we're always adding more. See some of our most popular designs here.

It's difficult now to find gorgeous gift tags with that romantic flavour. We're always adding more of these beauties, so see our most popular designs here.

I love my journal cards, because you can do so many different things with them! One favourite way I use them for personal use is to glue them onto index cards and then study with them! See our most popular selections here.

We came by the name GlitterCat honestly. My cats were covered in glitter one day, and I knew that was the name! So why forget our furry friends! Visit Etsy to see these wonderful feline fashions!

Movie Posters

Conceptual and Marketing Posters for Movies

Recently I was asked by Hollywood director David Andelman to design a few posters for his upcoming movies, and because he came recommended from a friend also in Hollywood, I jumped at the chance to do it. Hopefully these numbers will increase the more work I get.