I specialise in just about every subject, including humans.

My specialty is in creating a highly-detailed, photorealistic painting for you from a reference photo you provide. All images are done on acid-free archival paper with lightfast coloured pencils. The paper is usually one of the two highest-quality watercolour papers: Arches Aquarelle or Fabriano Artistico.

I don't usually frame portraits or images unless you specifically request it, and even then, I will include a mat at cost; one thing to remember is that when requesting your painting to be matted, postage and handling costs skyrocket quickly when the package is larger than mailbox size. Coloured pencil paintings never need framing with glass, so mention that to your framer. This means care is a breeze; just wave a dust wand over your painting, and never, ever keep it in direct sun as the ultraviolet electromagnetic radiation can still be the culprit in fading, no matter how lightfast your materials are.

If you have other specific questions, please hit the Contact button and we'll discuss it from there.


Please check here for a price list. This is by far not exhaustive; if you have a request for a size not mentioned, please fill in the Contact form and we will work it out.

Terms (the boring legal stuff)

  • I require 50% up front as the down payment. This is non-refundable when I begin the work. 
  • I will invoice you for the down payment and then the remaining balance. 
  • I accept all forms of digital payment through several processors, so just ask. 
  • I ask all clients to follow me on social media as I share the painting's progress. 
  • Please provide a high-resolution high-quality photo for reference. I will have that page up soon giving you ideal tips for taking a good photo. In the meantime, feel free to visit my friend's Petra Smits Art photo tips page. She has it all laid out and explained very well.